The 10th conviction secured in the Feeding Our Future case

Abdulkadir Awale, defendant No. 56, has become the 10th defendant to plead guilty in the Feeding Our Future scandal.

Awale, of Bloomington, ran three restaurants involved in the scandal: Karmel Coffee of Minneapolis, Nawal Restaurant of Burnsville, and Sambusa King of Hopkins. His restaurants served as the nominal food vendors to a number of free-food distribution sites around the metro, according to records kept by the state Department of Education (MDE):

Awale’s sites operated in both the Feeding Our Future and Partners in Nutrition networks. They also covered both the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

In 2021, Nawal Restaurant served as its own food distribution site under the program.

The operator of Multiple Community Services (a Karmel Coffee site) had previously pled guilty in the case (Defendant No. 33, Guilty Plea No. 5).

Awale’s guilty plea also mentions his involvement with Defendant No. 55 in the case.

According to the Department of Justice, Awale was at the center of an $11.8 million fraud. His take was a little over $2.1 million.

More than a year ago, we profiled Awale’s operation in Hopkins.

Sambusa King can be seen in the left of the above and below photos.

The storefront on the right of the market houses Shafi’i Tutoring, run by defendant No. 57 in the case.

We previously reported that MDE denied the initial applications of Nawal Restaurant, Sambusa King, and Shafi’i Tutoring to participate in the program. Unfortunately, the Department caved under threats of litigation and charges of racism. Had MDE stuck to its guns back in April 2020, hundreds of millions of dollars could have been saved.

As with other guilty defendants, Awale spent some of his proceeds on real estate and automobiles. Uniquely, Awale purchased a Freightliner truck.

The list of forfeited items includes the Freightliner, four other vehicles and three residential properties. And he has to make good on the full $2.1 million.

Awale was indicted as a member of the Haji’s Kitchen group, which included a total fraud of over $50 million, according to the U.S. Attorney.