The 2024 legislative session so far: A series

Despite promising a short to-do list, the 2024 legislative session is off to a busy start. Over 500 bills have been introduced in the House first week of the session, compared to just a little over 100 same period last year. Over 400 bills have been introduced in the Senate, compared to just 50 last year.

Certainly, some of these are about remedying, clarifying, or changing laws that were passed last session. Additionally, chances are that a good proportion of these proposals will go nowhere. It’s highly unlikely that last year’s historic session can be topped, especially when it comes to spending.

Still, looking at what’s happening in the session, we get to have a good idea of the kind of Minnesota our legislators envision.

Asked to describe the 2024 legislative session in three words or less at a Minnesota Chamber of Commerce roundtable, Minnesota legislative leaders used the words “short”, “not damaging,” “productive” and “repairing the damage from last year.”

Signs, however, indicate that the 2024 session is also likely going to continue the expansion of state government that happened last year.

This blog post is part of a series that takes a look at some of the bills that have been proposed so far in the session, starting with a look at a proposed $20 state minimum wage and other regulations.

Table of contents (to be updated regularly)

Part 1: A $20 minimum wage for Minnesota, plus a myriad of other proposed regulations

Part 2: $400,00 to combat racism in children and other eye-popping spending proposals

Part 3: Possible welfare expansion

Part 4: A promising start for housing reform

Part 5: MN lawmakers should support bill cutting barber training hours