The alleged Feeding Our Future scandal: Is the fraud still ongoing?

New York Times reporter David Fahrenthold was in Minnesota recently reporting on the Feeding Our Future scandal.

His piece is a good overview of the story so far. But the last few paragraphs are the most critical ones, suggesting that the fraud is still going on,

Lily Crooks, who operates a small day care center in Minneapolis, said she had worked with Feeding Our Future and received about $30 per month for a year for the snacks she served her children. After Feeding Our Future was raided, she said, a new sponsor called to recruit her — and immediately offered a plan to fool the state.

She continues,

What if, the woman suggested, Ms. Crooks told the government that her snack was actually a full meal instead? “We could call it breakfast” and make five times more, Ms. Crooks recalled the woman saying. Ms. Crooks said she declined, and was disheartened by the offer. “They are watchdogs, right?”

Apparently not.