The Bad: Democratic State Senators claim climate change will kill us all, vote to keep nuclear illegal

Did you know that the Democratic state senators in Minnesota who are often the loudest in declaring that climate change is an existential threat are also the ones who refuse to legalize new nuclear power plants?

On the Senate Floor Session in April, Senate Democrats brought up an amendment to enact a 100 percent carbon-free electricity mandate, which would greatly increase the cost of electricity for Minnesota families and businesses and, without nuclear power, make the grid less reliable.

The chart below shows that every DFL senator in attendance voted in favor of the Green New Deal amendment. The most notable names on the list below are Senators Dibble and McEwen, who gave impassioned speeches calling climate change an existential crisis and saying that urgent action was needed.

Ironically, both of these Senators voted against lifting the moratorium on new nuclear power plants, which is the only serious way to provide reliable, affordable energy that yields no carbon dioxide emissions.

The inconsistency is glaring because Senator McEwen claims that failing to reign in emissions will cause a mass extinction event. I highly encourage watching the video below to get a sense of how unbalanced she becomes during her floor speech.

Later, Sen. McEwen even claims that climate change is a challenge on par with World War Two.

Democratic Senators in Minnesota often claim that they believe climate change is an existential crisis, but many of these same politicians refuse to support new nuclear power plants in the state, which is the one thing that would actually work to reduce emissions in an economically sustainable way. As a result, it is impossible to take them seriously.