The chaos continues – as does a state of denial

The following bulleted activity is the chronological description of violent criminal activity occurring over the weekend in Minneapolis as reported by @CrimeWatchMpls.  

The cliff notes are: Two murders, multiple shots fired incidents, multiple carjackings, multiple robberies of businesses, etc. Gunfire hit the Minneapolis Library’s main library downtown and broke windows, chaos involving out-of-control teens continued in Dinkytown, staff at several businesses and even a Minneapolis Fire Department station had to fend off aggressive intruders, and unlawful drag racers descended up downtown in cars, ATVs, and motorcycles.

Is this level of violence and unlawful behavior being accurately communicated by city leadership, public safety officials, or our mainstream media? Or are we the recipients of a stunning level of denial?

Unfortunately, this level of chaos has become the norm since 2020. Like it or not, public officials, the media, and many citizens have become desensitized to it, and it no longer elicits the type of attention or response likely to bring about change.

The lack of accountability applied toward offenders over the last three years has created the monster we are seeing today. Until our leaders, public and civic, unite behind strong and unwavering support for law and order, we can expect this level of criminal activity to continue.

June 9-11 crime snapshot — Minneapolis:

  • Carjacking at gunpoint occurred about 1 a.m. Blue Ford F150 with temp tags. 2nd Precinct location not specified. #NEMPLS #SEMPLS
  • Damage to property #NEMPLS. Suspect kicked open the gas station door after staff confronted him and about shoplifting and locked him in. 26xx University Ave NE
  • Fire fighter help call at Station 21. Someone is reportedly trying to break in by throwing a brick through a window. 3209 E 38th St / Near Snelling
  • Burglary and assault on Normandy hotel staff in #MplsDowntown. They “ripped open” the locked hotel door and assaulted staff.
  • Lyft driver assaulted and robbed, bleeding from the face. Loss: phone and car 35xx Newton Ave N
  • Robbery of person at gunpoint. 14th and E Lake St
  • Officer help call, fighting with one. 29xx Hennepin Ave S – Updated to Lake/Girard area
  • At least 18 squads on site, including unmarked. “Arrestee in back of cruiser banging head loud on window; friends going off on cops.”
  • Report of groups of 15-20 juveniles at a time coming across the Stone Arch bridge into #MplsDowntown.
  • Police report juveniles shooting bottle rockets at people in #Dinkytown behind the Chateau Student Housing Co-op. 425 13th Ave SE
  • Overnight shooting at 36th and Penn Ave N resulted in a fatality: Adult male in his 20s No arrests have been made.
  • Continued mayhem in #Dinkytown overnight. After 3 a.m., multiple reports of 50-100 people were reported to be damaging property, shooting fireworks, throwing rocks at vehicles, and driving over a vehicle.
  • Police responded on a male down in the alley. Police arrived and said it’s a DOA. 17xx E Lake St.  Right in the middle of #OpenStreetsMpls.
  • Overdose at the Riverside LRT station. 613 15th Ave S
  • Carjacking in the ramp at Minneapolis Community College #MplsDowntown. The suspect threatened to shoot the female victim. BM, 20s, 5ft11, thin, curly hair, black zip up jacket, bleeding from the hand and leg
  • Gunshot victim showed up at HCMC. Said it happened at 2xxx Penn Ave N
  • Second Minneapolis shooting homicide in less than 24 hours. The shooting at 27th and Blaisdell Ave Saturday afternoon resulted in a fatality. No arrests at this time.
  • Report of shots near 12xx Adams St NE. Police found 4-5 spent shell casings near 13xx Jefferson St NE.
  • Fight at the Gold Room #MplsDowntown, and police report hearing shots nearby.
  • SHOOTING following a report of shots. 27xx Colfax Ave S
  • One down, reportedly not breathing. 7th and Cedar Ave, under the freeway overpass. Now it’s reportedly a DOA.
  • ATVs and motorbikes are #MplsDowntown near 6th and Hennepin to 1st Ave.
  • Report of a male who fired a gun inside an apartment. Now a report of a male in the hallway with a gun. 8xx 21st Ave N / Aldrich
  • Report of someone overdosing onboard a Metro Transit D-Line bus near Children’s Hospital. 26th and Chicago Ave
  • Robbery of business. Staff was assaulted and money was taken from the register.  Staff now has the suspect pinned down.  3xx E Hennepin (next door to @MayorFrey ‘s residence).  #NEMPLS
  • Police heard 8 shots near the Main Library. Shots heard over dispatch. Cars fleeing. Police out with a bunch. Gun in a vehicle. 3rd and Nicollet Mall
  • A Ramsey County pursuit went into #CedarRiverside #Mpls where a PIT was performed. The suspect in the vehicle reportedly then shot himself in the head. A gun was reportedly found in his hand. CPR was performed.
  • Report of juveniles shooting fireworks and some struck a building. 30+ juveniles drag racing and blowing fireworks. Now on the Stone Arch. 6xx Main St SE