The endless parade of Leftist-money groups coming to Minnesota

With this November’s governor’s race rated only a “lean” to the Democrats, national groups are taking no chances. In case they are needed late in the race, national groups are registering political action committees in Minnesota, giving them the option to spend money this fall to prop up incumbent Tim Walz.

Previously, I wrote about a PAC associated with a controversial Swiss billionaire setting up shop in Minnesota. Since then, several more have signed on. On the same day (July 26) that group (Open Democracy PAC) filed, a PAC associated with the national teachers union NEA registered in Minnesota. It goes by the unwieldy name of the “NEA fund for children and public education non-Federal itemized account.”

The following day, the national group IVote registered the IVote Fund MN (the “I” is actually an upside down exclamation mark). The group’s purpose is to support Democratic candidates for the Secretary of State’s office. As noted on their website, “iVote is a partner of Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together organization.”

The most recent group to file (August 15) goes by the name “MN Family Prosperity Project.” Its chair is an employee of the multi-billion-dollar McKnight Foundation of Minneapolis and a former staffer of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat. Under the same name, the group incorporated a nonprofit company last week.

It should be noted that McKnight itself is not affiliated with the Family Prosperity Project in any manner.

None of this guarantees that money will be spent in Minnesota on the November election.