The Left’s attempt to redefine science

Science teachers in Washington state are being told that the only explanation for outcome differences by demographic is a broken system—anyone saying otherwise is a bigot.

The Washington STEM organization, who “help[s] lawmakers craft policies that address major STEM education issues” and works to “advance equity, excellence, and innovation” shared the slide below during its annual summit.

“If you conclude that outcomes [sic] differences by demographic subgroup are a result of anything other than a broken system, that is, by definition, bigotry.*

*racism, classism, sexism, etc.”

Not only is the Washington STEM organization advocating for predetermining an outcome and making assumptions (doesn’t seem very scientific of them), they are also saying, through their own redefinition, that any measurable difference must be a product of institutional bigotry.

I can think of so many examples that would prove we shouldn’t let a set of presuppositions determine the conclusions. Take suspension/expulsion rates in schools, and even incarceration rates by gender. Because boys get suspended and expelled more than girls, and men make up the majority of prisoners, schools and society must be bigoted against men, correct?

How alarming that educators are being taught data can supposedly have the sentience to display bigotry.