The Minnesota Senate passes the Blackout Bill

Late Thursday evening, the Minnesota State Senate passed the 100 percent carbon-free electricity mandate by 2040. American Experiment nicknamed this legislation the Blackout Bill because it will force electricity prices to skyrocket and undermine the reliability of the electricity system resulting in rolling blackouts.

The vote was along party lines, with all 34 Democrats in the chamber voting for the bill, and all 33 Republicans opposing it. The bill will now go to the desk of Governor Tim Walz, who will sign it into law.

While this news is disappointing, I want to say thank you to each of the more than 10,500 supporters who signed our petition telling their State Representative, State Senator, and Governor Walz to vote no on this legislation. We sent over 30,000 emails, sent 1,000 Tweets, and sent 49 personalized videos to legislators.

Your voices were crucial to pushing back against the Blackout Bill, and they also drove the narrative around the entire discussion surrounding the legislation. Just take a moment to Google “blackout bill” and you’ll see news outlets throughout the state using this language.

This wouldn’t have happened if not for your support.

The passage of this legislation doesn’t mean the fight is over. Progressive politicians claimed there were ample “offramps” in this bill to keep our grid affordable and reliable, but the liberal members of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) are unlikely to allow electric companies to opt out unless we all hold them accountable.

Center of the American Experiment will continue to fight for all Minnesotans to have access to affordable, reliable electricity at the PUC by urging them to deny the inevitable skyrocketing electricity costs that will stem from this legislation and being loud with the “I told you so’s” when the blackouts occur.

Thank you again for all of your efforts. They were important.