They blinded me with science

Something called the “314 Action Victory Fund” registered last week with the state Campaign Finance Board.

Sadly, the group is named after the number 3.14, shorthand for the mathematical concept of “pi.”

PI are round.

The 314 Action Fund is based in Washington, DC, and supports candidates who run on “science,” as their website explains,

314 works to promote the scientific and evidence-based policy communities and has become one of the most impactful organizations in progressive politics.

314action is one of those dreary 501c4 dark money outfits that does not disclose its donors. The most recent tax returns available date from 2018.

By “science,” 314 appears to be referring to the progressive consensus on climate change and healthcare.

Their interest in Minnesota seems to be primarily on state legislative races, where they are backing a couple of dozen candidates. Conspicuously absent from their list is the Republican medical doctor running for Governor.