They don’t even try to hide it anymore

I would think, by now, the political ideology of the teachers’ union is all but well known, as is its track record of spending significant dollars on politics.

A recent example of its politically-driven agenda occurred during Education Minnesota’s Representative Convention — which, according to the union, is an annual meeting where elected delegates set policy for the union.

The two-day convention included an “Educators for Biden-Harris” campaign event, and featured First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and national teachers’ union presidents Randi Weingarten (the American Federation of Teachers, or AFT) and Becky Pringle (the National Education Association, or NEA).

Source: Education Minnesota Facebook Page

According to the NEA, the Minnesota union event launched the “2024 Educators for Biden-Harris” coalition, with educators “fired up to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

What about union members who support a different candidate or political party? Or no party at all? And even if all teachers were Democrats and shared the same political ideology as the teachers’ unions, there are hotly contested races and policy debates even within the same party.

For example, during the 2016 presidential race the NEA faced tension and criticism for its early endorsement of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Union members who “felt the Bern” were forced to be “with her.” And members who supported a Republican candidate or no candidate at all also had their dues money spent on supporting a candidate not aligned with their political preferences.

It’s a blatant “your voice doesn’t matter” to the educators it represents who are of a different political persuasion.

Perhaps this is a large reason why teachers continue to say “no thanks” to union membership.