Three Twitter accounts to follow in the new year

If you want to stay informed about the most important issues in 2022, here are three Twitter accounts you should follow in the new year. @COVID_Clarity for the pandemic, @CrimeWatchMpls for crime and @BjornLomborg for the environment.

The COVID Clarity account has been reporting facts about the pandemic from the very beginning. Inconvenient facts, if you are a member of team hysteria like Gov. Tim Walz or the Minnesota media. Here’s a recent example:

Like many of her tweets, these facts run counter to the Walz/media narrative that the vaccine will protect you from the virus and only unvaccinated rubes from Greater Minnesota are still dying from COVID.

I refer to COVID Clarity as a “she” but it’s actually an anonymous account, something I don’t usually recommend.

Dedicated to offering clarity to inform smart policy. Ivy league medical professional & statistician in Minnesota. Truth over politics, I welcome all viewpoints

If you want the facts about the pandemic, follow @COVID_clarity on Twitter.

Bjorn Lomborg is an environmentalist who believes in climate change. But he also believes there is a right way and a wrong way to attack the problem. And he believes there are other world problems, such as child hunger, that are more urgent and provide better opportunities for success.

You should follow Lomborg on Twitter (@BjornLomborg) for daily pushback against the doomsday messaging coming from environmentalist whackos.

There are two messages you’ll hear from him regularly. First, most climate change predictions lack any discussion of adaptation. In other words, how will society (and science) adapt to the possible impacts of global temperature change over time? Doomsday climate change predictions about sea level rise assume no one will simply build a sea wall to prevent flooding. Why would coastal cities allow water to flood their main streets without adding a few inches to the pier? Lomborg frequently points to adaptation to calm our fears about climate change.

Another frequent tweet from Lomborg refutes the idea that climate disasters are costing us more in lives and dollars.

You can’t read a story about a natural disaster without a paragraph somehow blaming global climate change. Lomborg’s Twitter account consistently refutes with facts and numbers.

CrimeWatchMpls has become the most important source for real reporting on the lawlessness occurring in Minnesota today. In fact, this Twitter account frequently shames the mainstream media into covering stories about crime with their hourly posts.

Warning: adding CrimeWatchMpls to your regular reading can lead to depression — the truth about what’s happening in our cities is overwhelming and depressing, but it needs to be told.

CrimeWatchMpls was the first to identify a trend you will see reported on the cover of the next Thinking Minnesota magazine, the revolving door of justice in our system.

They have not been afraid to point out weak sentencing by judges and prosecutors, allowing the same criminals to keep offending even though they should be behind bars.

Be careful to follow the real @CrimeWatchMpls on Twitter and not one of their many imposter accounts. Feel free to send them a donation, as they are a small but growing operation. And if you’re in the giving mood, don’t forget us!

Happy New Year!