Tracking the numbers in MN’s latest surge of immigration

By request, I document, with sources, the relevant statistics.

Total population of Minnesota (2023): 5,737,915. Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Foreign-born population of Minnesota (2022): 500,000. Source: MN Compass.

Illegal immigrant population of Minnesota (2019): 81,000. Source: Migration Policy Institute.

Illegal immigrants now eligible for MN driver’s licenses: 80,000+. Source: Star Tribune.

Asylum cases pending at Ft. Snelling (MN) Immigration Court: 38,620. Source Star Tribune. Asylum cases filed by Ecuadorans: 10,686.

Illegal immigrant families housed in Hennepin County homeless shelters: 150. Source: Star Tribune.

“New arrivals” from Latin America enrolling in Minnesota public schools this year: “hundreds”. Source: Star Tribune.