Uptown can’t catch a break

The beleaguered Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis witnessed more bad luck last evening.

The collision of two automobiles at the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lagoon saw one of the vehicles careen into the front windows of the iconic Uptown Theater. Reports from KARE 11 and WCCO.

Windows were broken and there was minor damage done to the building itself. Your correspondent arrived about 90 minutes after the incident and workmen were already there and boarding up the broken windows. The crashed vehicles had already been removed from the scene. The stoplight at the intersection was blinking red in all directions, and a lone squad car remained to guard the scene.

I posted this Twitter thread. Workman maneuvering dry wall,

The accident location was on the right,

Work in progress,

During the Covid time, the theater marquee read “I assure you we’re not open.”

Despite the recent mishap, the marquee currently says the exact opposite, reflecting its recent rebirth as a live music venue.

Here’s hoping that better days lie ahead.