Vince Lombardi statue should replace Columbus at the capitol

It has been nearly four years since the Columbus statue was torn from its pedestal near the State Capitol as protestors continued destroying property after the murder of George Floyd, prompting business owner Pat Mancini to ask the question: how do we honor Italian Americans in Minnesota moving forward?

The Columbus statue had a deeper meaning than just honoring Christopher Columbus; the statue was a gift from the state’s Italian American community, who scrimped and saved to purchase the 10-foot copper statue in 1931.

It is only fitting that the statue of Columbus be replaced with a statue of the most important, influential, and best Italian American who ever lived: Vince Lombardi.

Lombardi, whose Green Bay Packers bested the Minnesota Vikings in eleven out of fourteen contests during his coaching tenure, gave Vikings fans an important glimpse into their disappointing future. Had the Vikings won their four Super Bowl appearances instead of losing all of them, the Vince Lombardi Trophy could very well have been named the Bud Grant Trophy.

Columbus may have sailed the ocean blue, but he did not win Super Bowls one and two. Therefore, it is only fitting that a statue of Vince Lombardi be installed at the capitol to honor and cherish the impact Italian Americans have had on our great country.