Violence in Minneapolis – the new norm

As a Minneapolis kid who served 33 years in and around the city as a Sheriff’s deputy, I am not just troubled by the level of violence in my hometown, I’m genuinely concerned about her chances for survival.

Sadly, there is no quick fix coming.  The problems created by progressives bent on demonizing law enforcement and excusing criminal behavior are profound.  Greatly understaffed and demoralized police are doing their best, but the lack of control is evident on a whole new level.

Last night demonstrated just how far Minneapolis has fallen. Throughout the night at least 10 people were shot, two fatally, in multiple shootings throughout the city. 

Here are just a small handful of the incidents from last night in Minneapolis, as recorded by Crime Watch MPLS, and MN Crime.

  • 16xx Plymouth Ave N Police arrived. Juvenile male shot in the chest.
  • One of the four people shot in this Bullwinkle’s incident died for homicide number 62 in Minneapolis this year. One other had potentially life-threatening injuries.
  • Police heard about 5 shots north of the 2nd Precinct in #NEMPLS. Near 19th/20th and Central Ave NE.
  • A person at the GrandMarc apartments said a bullet came through their bedroom.
  • Sounds like another gunshot victim at HCMC, dropped off by a silver Durango, plate contains 668.
  • Report of carjacking at gunpoint. 32xx Elliot Ave
  • Transit is reporting to MPD that a male under the bridge at 1808 E Franklin Ave is robbing people with some kind of weapon. This is near the LRT platform.
  • Shooting victim at Abbott Northwestern hospital. Shot in the abdomen. Dropped off by a blue Dodge Durango. Reportedly from the #BroadwayLyndale shooting.
  • Two Shotspotter activations at 20xx Lyndale Ave North for a total of 49 rounds. Yes, that’s forty-nine rounds.

The number of victims is troubling enough, but from my experience the real sign of trouble is how it has become commonplace for unruly crowds to descend on the responding police and paramedics creating the need for police “help” calls just to secure the scenes.   Scenes are so chaotic and unruly that police need to create special ingress and egress routes for ambulances to respond and transport victims safely.

Our area hospitals are themselves becoming scenes of chaos.  Cars routinely pull up to emergency room doors and dump off shooting victims, then do donuts in the lot, or just attempt to flee. Groups of uncooperative associates routinely descend on the emergency rooms and overrun security guards.  Gunshots pierce hospital windows and lockdowns are becoming all too frequent.  HCMC, Abbott, UCare – none are immune. 

All of this has led to a planned nursing strike next week – not focused on typical wage and benefit demands, but rather over concern for the unacceptable level of violence in and around their workplaces.

Locally, the 2022 state fair was marred by fights and shootings for the 2nd consecutive year.  Our malls are becoming scenes where youth brawl and gunshots are fired.  Our mass transit system is in shambles due to the level of violent crime, harassment, open air drug use, and filth.  Our signature University now regularly deals with significant violent crime on and around campus.  Many people have sworn off restaurants, entertainment, or sporting events in the Twin Cities due to the violence.

Is this really our future?  Are we really willing to accept this?

Progressive leadership in our state created this situation.  Demonizing law enforcement, creating false narratives about “mass incarceration” and “systemic racism,” advocating for “no bail,” “sentencing reform,” and gutting our juvenile justice system – it has all failed and we are collectively paying a very heavy price.

We need leaders who will boldly stand up to the activist voices and call out the failed social justice dogma that has done nothing but embolden criminals and destroy our cities.

We need judges and correctional officials to incarcerate and hold accountable the criminals our embattled cops are able to catch.

We need parents to be parents.

We must provide a clear mandate to our police and other criminal justice partners to go on the offensive, knowing they have our unwavering support.

Our collective well-being is dependent on it.

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