Violence mars the holiday weekend

Violence marred the Labor Day holiday weekend. 

Saturday’s shooting inside the state fairgrounds, and Monday night’s shooting just outside the fairgrounds overshadowed Sunday’s quintuple shooting/triple murder in St. Paul.

Unfortunately, this is all becoming too common, and we allow it to continue by not demanding more from officials. Look at this 2019 headline summation of the Minnesota State Fair that ended with 3 men being shot and a pedestrian critically injured.

Minnesota State Fair boss frustrated with its chaotic ending

ABC News 2019

The Minnesota State Fair must make significant and meaningful changes to security in 2023, or the fair will go the way of the light rail system in the Twin Cities — a high-priced item that most choose to avoid because of the lack of safety and security.

Given the amount of money the fair brings in annually, fair administrators have no excuse in 2023, but to dramatically increase police presence inside and outside the fair, conduct more screening of those entering the fair, and implement a policy of adult escorts in the evening hours.

See reports of the fair violence below.

St. Paul’s quintuple shooting/triple murder on Sunday occurred at a residence in which the St. Paul Police had received 17 calls for service in just the past year. We seem to have developed a paralyzing malaise in Minnesota, and we need to wake up and demand better of ourselves and our leaders.

We are living in times where criminals are running unchecked and undeterred, and we the citizens are paying the price.

See reports of the St. Paul murders below.