Virtual Fire Drill

America’s children have been through the wringer during the Coronavirus pandemic. From being tossed out of school and adjusting to distance learning, to having all of their summer plans canceled, some had optimism that the fall semester would look different, and are now met with disappointment. Despite the negative, both children and parents make light of the situation. One parent posted a video on Twitter, showing his son having a “virtual fire drill” on his iPad while he sat safely at home.

Strange isn’t it? I had many questions when I first watched too. What may be the point of conducting a virtual fire drill? Perhaps to make that kid’s experience feel more “normal,” but this is not normal at all. While the video was made for comical reasons, it provides a good argument for why interest in non-public school options is skyrocketing in the United States.

The back to school debate quickly became a political one. Parents want to get back to work, and in order to do that, their kids have to go to school. The CDC has said that continuing to keep children home from school would be worse than sending them back. Despite mounting evidence that children are less at risk of not only contracting the virus but also spreading it, teachers’ unions across the country have united around a list of “demands,” holding children hostage at home until they are met.


It’s unfortunate that America’s children are being used in political agendas, but it is showing the true colors of teachers’ unions. If you would like to know more about how to make your union work for you, visit Educated Teachers MN.