Walz Pushes Forward With Unpopular California Car Mandates

Today, the Walz administration formally submitted their finalized California car mandates to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. This means that an Administrative Law Judge will hear the arguments for and against the rules, and decide whether these regulations will become the law of the land.

Center of the American Experiment and the Upper Midwest Law Center are opposing the rules because we believe they will increase the cost of vehicles in Minnesota and produce no measurable environmental benefits.

One of the most alarming things about the Walz administration’s announcement is the lack of time for public input on the rules.

The administration took 18 months to develop the rules, but they are only giving interested parties two months to read and evaluate the documents the administration created to support the rules, before they must present their arguments before the ALJ. This short deadline will make it impossible for the average citizen to sit down, read the rules, and give an informed response to the Governor’s office.

American Experiment will be examining the rules and sharing our findings with all of you. In the meantime, we encourage all of our readers to join more than 5,000 other Minnesotans in signing our petition to stop these rules at NoCACars.com.

These comments will be delivered to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to make sure that conservative voices are heard, and that the conversation is not dominated by liberal environmental groups who want to increase the cost of driving so fewer families will be able to afford it.