We’re gaining steam! Say NO to Gov. Walz’s Green New Deal by taking this survey

On Monday, I wrote a piece about the Walz administration’s survey seeking feedback on their plans to impose California fuel standards, which will increase the cost of gasoline by between 20 and 54 cents per gallon.

Since then, conservative Minnesotans have made their voices loud and clear: We don’t want a Minnesota Green New Deal. Click here to take the survey.

Question 1 asks Minnesotans which zip code they live in.

Question 2 asks: “What is most important to you as Minnesota takes action on climate? (Pick up to three responses).”

When I first took this survey, there were hardly any “other” answers. Since that time, the number has grown to nearly 100.

Question 3 asks respondents how they feel about the following policies and whether they go too far, are about right, or don’t go far enough.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector by 30% by 2025 and 80% by 2050;

Decrease vehicle miles traveled by 2050;

Increase the number of electric cars and light trucks on Minnesota roads to 20% by 2030.


Thanks to our readers, the “goes too far” category is quickly catching up to the “doesn’t go far enough” category on each of these three questions.

Question four asks readers to rank the following policies in order of importance. Currently, the California fuel standards have the lowest priority rating. I’ve included my answers to this question below.

The Walz administration set up this survey to get feedback from all Minnesotans, but most of the time, conservatives are not even aware that these types of surveys exist. As a result, the voting is usually dominated by a small minority of liberal environmentalists.

This is why it is absolutely crucial to respond to this survey and share it with five other people. That way, we can show that these policies are not nearly as popular as liberal environmental groups would like us to believe.