What Back-to-School Means for Teachers

For many teachers, the start of a new school year kicked off last week. And it’s a busy time of year for them—classroom preparations and management, lesson planning, goal setting.

But amid business as usual, it’s important teachers remember to take the time to consider their options regarding union membership. From now through September 30, teachers can opt-out of union membership should they decide this is the best choice for them and their families.

Teachers across the state are choosing to exercise their newly restored freedom of association for a variety of reasons, and EducatedTeachersMN.com is here to help. With all the new school year responsibilities teachers are juggling right now, it’s easy to let this decision slip under the radar. You can create a personalized resignation letter here, and we will remind you to send it in before the deadline.

Still unsure about your decision? Listen below to a radio segment I did over the weekend about the myths and facts of life outside of a union and why teachers are choosing to opt-out. Remember, union membership is a personal decision, and you are not alone! Join us at EducatedTeachersMN to get plugged into a community of educators who are evaluating their relationship with the union and making choices that are best for them.