Why does the Minnesota ‘Conservative’ Energy Forum support giving $5 million of your tax dollars to green groups?

Liberal lawmakers in St. Paul want to reward their friends in the wind and solar lobbying industry with your tax dollars. Senate File 2249 would give a $5 million slush fund to Clean Energy Economy Minnesota, the group that produces the bogus clean energy jobs report every year.

Nothing is surprising about liberal lawmakers giving kickbacks to their supporters, especially in a year with a massive budget surplus, but why is the Minnesota “Conservative” Energy Forum (MNCEF) supporting this proposal, which would subsidize green energy advocacy groups with $5 million of your tax dollars?

If this seems hard to believe, I have produced their testimony to the Senate Energy, Utilities, Environment, and Climate Committee, below.

As I have previously articulated, there is nothing conservative about the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum. They are the Lincoln Project of energy, and they exist solely to provide a false sense of bipartisan support for the terrible energy policies championed by liberal lawmakers.