Wisconsin Football Teams Sweep Minnesota

It appears receiving approximately half a billion dollars in taxpayer dollars wasn’t enough to put the Vikings over the Green Bay Packers at Unethically Subsidized (U.S.) Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Green Bay committed three turnovers in the first half, including a fumble by Aaron Jones, an interception by Aaron Rodgers and a fumble by Devante Adams. Two of these turnovers occurred in Packer territory and ultimately led to a field goal conversion by Minnesota and a perfectly-placed ball from Kirk Cousins to Stefon Diggs to put 10 points on the board for the Vikings. Despite the turnovers, Green Bay trailed Minnesota 9-10 at halftime.

The game was slow after half until Kirk Cousins launched a deep ball that was intercepted by Green Bay cornerback Kevin King. King returned the interception to around midfield, and after that point the game quickly got out of hand for the Vikings, as Aaron Jones of the Packers would score two touchdowns on ensuing drives.

What does the outcome on the game have to say about public policy in Minnesota?

Absolutely nothing, but as someone who grew up on a small dairy farm 40 miles west of Green Bay, I’m smiling ear to ear today. Go Pack Go!