Worst sequel ever: Feeding Our Future II

Depending on your point of view, it was the phoenix rising from the ashes, or the zombie rising from the dead. In either case, a nonprofit called Feeding Our Future II was resurrected Friday in filings made at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.

The company was founded in January 2021 by the CEO of the original Feeding Our Future, Aimee Bock. Its purpose is explained by this piece in the Sahan Journal, published back in February. The origins go back to the multi-year feud between the nonprofit and the state Department of Education.

Having had the original Feeding Our Future cut off from government funding multiple times by the Department, Bock constructed a backup plan to fund the ongoing operations of Feeding Our Future prime.

To that end, Bock launched a GoFundMe campaign in October 2021, with the goal of raising $200,000. Before it was shut down, the effort raised almost $74,000.

From screenshots, here are the top donors to the campaign:

And page 2:

As you can see, a number of the donors are anonymous. But five names listed are names of people mentioned in the FBI search warrants in the case: Abdihakim Ahmed, Abdinasir Abshir, Ahmed Ghedi, Salim Said, and Abdulkadir Salah. Collectively, the five men donated $29,000 to Feeding Our Future II, all tax-deductible.

The subject of Feeding Our Future II came up in a state court proceeding yesterday. An attorney for Feeding Our Future prime mentioned the possibility of using the GoFundMe money to pay for expenses associated with the winding-down of the original nonprofit. The bank accounts of Feeding Our Future I have all been frozen by the federal government, as part of their investigation into the outfit.

With few exceptions, the sequel is never as good as the original.