Worthington school district offers families innovative option for home education

The Worthington School District’s partnership with Venture Upward is providing students a flexible and innovative home-based learning experience.

Venture Upward provides tuition-free, home-based education for Minnesota K-12 students through its public school partnership with the district’s online VIBE program.

According to Venture Upward, the program includes curriculum, community activities, teacher support, and customized education plans. The online curriculum offers teacher-led modules, with individualized support and guidance from VIBE’s Minnesota licensed teachers. Weekly in-person meet-ups with other participating families for enrichment classes and field trips, along with community service opportunities, to name a few, round out a student’s experience.

Families receive an allowance of $500 per semester from Venture Upward for educational materials, such as printers, internet access, technology, books, and additional curriculum. High school students can access elective courses, SAT and ACT preparation, and an accredited high school diploma through the Worthington School District.

Venture Upward also provides programming independent from the district’s VIBE program that is available to all Minnesota families regardless of their enrollment status — including the weekly co-op day where students engage with peers in a classroom setting, an annual homeschool conference, family field trips each semester, quarterly community service opportunities and professional development, monthly park days and nature clubs, and the opportunity to participate in a national pen pal program, to name a few.

For families who have discovered their children thrive outside the traditional classroom, and for parents interested in help guiding and supplementing their homeschool efforts, the Venture Upward partnership with the Worthington School District is another example of efforts to support students in the learning environment that best meets their needs.