You got a permit for that cow?

American Experiment kicks off anti-regulation campaign at Farmfest 2021

Center of the American Experiment will kick off their latest public engagement campaign at Farmfest this week urging Minnesotans to comment on the Walz administration’s latest attempt to make life more difficult for Minnesota farmers who want to expand their operations. Minnesotans will be encouraged to send comments to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) as they consider new regulations to force businesses, including some farms, to conduct greenhouse gas emission estimates as part of the environmental permitting process.

Minnesotans can find the petition and more information at

The EQB recently proposed changes to Minnesota’s environmental review program titled Draft Recommendations: Integrating Climate Information into MEPA Program Requirements. The draft regulations would force businesses to inventory the potential greenhouse gas emissions for new projects and potentially consider ways to reduce emissions as part of an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW), or an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), if they are required to complete these assessments.

“Governor Tim Walz and bureaucrats in St. Paul continue to create more red tape for job creators who want to do business in Minnesota,” said Isaac Orr, policy fellow for energy and the environment at Center of the American Experiment. “This proposal will open the door to frivolous lawsuits from environmental special interest groups who want to weaponize the environmental review process to kill projects with endless litigation.”

American Experiment will talk to Farmfest attendees about the proposed regulations and also about other issues related to the agriculture industry including their latest policy brief on abolishing the estate tax in Minnesota. American Experiment policy experts will be available on site and via telephone for interviews:

Tuesday August 3, 2021

John Phelan



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Thursday August 5, 2021

Isaac Orr

Policy Fellow, Energy and the Environment