You Must Watch Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans

Left-wing documentary maker Michael Moore has recently released his latest film entitled Planet of the Humans, and as surprising as it may seem, the film is a must watch for people who are seeking to learn more about the shortcomings of wind and solar power.

According to Reuters:

“Planet of the Humans,” which will be released on YouTube on Tuesday free of charge to the public, argues that the mainstream environmental movement has sold out to corporate interests and that solar and wind energy components and electric cars rely too heavily on deforestation and electricity generated from coal and natural gas to produce them.

The multi-year film project includes interviews with scientists, industrialists and environmental activists, visits to wind farms, solar installations and biomass plants, and an in-depth look at the companies that collaborate and invest in green energy initiatives.

Moore said that he, like many people, thought electric cars were a good idea, “but I didn’t really think about where is the electricity coming from?”

“I assumed solar panels would last for ever. I didn’t know what went into the making of them,” Moore added, referring to raw materials, including quartz, and the fossil fuels needed to manufacture the panels.”

The film does an excellent job of exposing the farce of wind and solar power before veering off into discredited ideas about the need to reduce the number of people on the planet in order to save it.

You can watch the entire film by clicking the video below.