YouTube censors CAE talk on policing ft. Heather Mac Donald

On July 30, American Experiment hosted Heather Mac Donald for a virtual presentation on crime, race and policing—issue areas Heather has spent years researching and writing about.

The federal data-filled presentation was live-streamed on YouTube, but the tech giant was quick to remove the speech off its servers for “violating” the site’s “community guidelines” on keeping the platform a “safe place.” The Center appealed the censorship, to which YouTube relented and put the video back up but with an age restriction. Heather’s presentation does not include any content that, according to YouTube’s age-restriction policy, would warrant the restriction.

Heather details out the absurdity of the censoring in a New York Post, beginning with examples of obscene content YouTube keeps available without batting an eye.

If your 12-year-old son goes on YouTube, he can watch a porn star giving a lap dance to a happily surprised young man. He can see nubile, naked girls spooning with a naked male and frolicking in Las Vegas hotel pools. Your 14-year-old daughter can watch videos on how and why to transition to the male gender.

Both your son and daughter can learn how to become an “antifa warrior.” Under the tutelage of an anarcho-communist YouTube host, they can celebrate the fiery destruction of a Minneapolis police precinct during the recent anti-police rioting in that city, a conflagration the ­anarcho-communist deems the “high point” of the rioting to date. They can get tips on how to suit up for further anti-police action — with helmets, water bottles and, of course, personal protective equipment.

Yet your children can’t watch a live-streamed speech on policing I gave Thursday, arguing that US law enforcement isn’t engaged in systemic violence against blacks. YouTube has deemed the speech inappropriate for children under 18 and blocked access to minors.

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Heather said that YouTube’s removal of her presentation is another example of the Silicon Valley oligarchs’ fear of facts—”facts which disprove their favorite narrative that America is endemically racist.”

The Center has appealed YouTube’s age restrictions on the video, which is available to watch below.