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Kim Crockett

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Kim CrockettKim Crockett is American Experiment's Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and General Counsel.  She is the Executive Director of Minnesota Free Market Institute at Center of the American Experiment.

Prior to joining the Minnesota Free Market Institute, Kim served as corporate counsel to a national bank and had a long legal career in commercial real estate law.

Kim, who is an enthusiastic student of the American Revolution and the written U.S. Constitution, has been a member of the Federalist Society since 1984 when she founded the student chapter at Penn Law in Philadelphia. She is currently Chairman of the Minneapolis Lawyers Chapter. She has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota and a J.D. from Penn Law (1987).

Kim also started a small business in 2004 where she serves on the board. Kim is a retired member of the Deephaven City Council and chairman of the five-city Excelsior Fire District. She has served Governor Tim Pawlenty as an appointee to Minnesota Compensation Council and the Minnesota Supreme Court as member of the Committee on Minnesota’s Code of Judicial Conduct.

Kim “has issues” with relaxation, but when she is not reading or working, she might be found in the garden or on the slopes depending on the season. She is a devotee of pilates/yoga despite the attendant jibber jabber. She is a huge fan of Minnesota author, Vince Flynn, and his Mitch Rapp series.

Kim Crockett's Archive

Jan 8, 2016
American Experiment Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Protect First Amendment in Landmark Employee Freedom Case
Jan 6, 2016
I thought some of our readers might be wondering why the 74-year-old woman in Tom Steward’s story was charged dues for a union she never joined.
Jan 5, 2016
Several years ago, I had the great privilege of attending a pension summit in San Diego sponsored by Reason Foundation. There I met two heroes in the pension reform movement in California: San Jose mayor Chuck Reed and former San Diego councilman Carl DeMaio. I also learned about how voters across California were using the initiative and referendum process to address the public pension crisis at the local level.
Dec 23, 2015
For your reading pleasure this holiday season here are book recommendations from your friends at American Experiment:
Dec 10, 2015
Rebecca Friedrichs is a dedicated public school teacher in California. Her passion for teaching children is frustrated by the public school system in general, and the labor union she is forced to support, in particular.
Dec 3, 2015
While it is tempting just to beat up on the Obama labor department and their progressive friends in the Minnesota legislature, allow me to beat up on Congress and the financial industry, too.
Nov 13, 2015
Last week, I attended and testified at the hearings of the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement. I am reluctant to admit it, but everyone knows I am a pension nerd, so why pretend? I kind of enjoyed being back at the hearings, getting an uncomfortable front row seat to hear how the biggest fiscal hole in our state finances is being plugged, or not.
Oct 23, 2015
This is the first in a series of articles about Employee Freedom. The Center is re-engaging on the issue of employee freedom, often called “right-to-work,” because until the raw political power of government unions is addressed, it is unlikely Minnesota will see any fundamental change on issues like educational choice (students locked into an underperforming public school system), or the pension funding crisis (public employees locked into a broken retirement system). Government unions have an undue influence on who wins elections, and therefore state policy.
Oct 1, 2015
I am attending a conference this week at State Policy Network (SPN) in the wonderful city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the Q&A on a panel about how to reach Millenials, someone asked the panelists about the nation’s unfunded entitlements and other debt. One man answered, “My generation is screwed. Until the Treasury breaks, Congress is not going to fix the problem. It is going to take a crisis.”
Sep 14, 2015
We have had some rather remarkable news regarding Gov. Dayton’s Met Council.