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  • Legislators Demand Tougher Oversight Despite Threat of MNLARS Layoffs

    Democrats are desperate to deflect responsibility for the monumental meltdown of the MNLARS vehicle registration system under  the Dayton administration’s bungling bureaucracy. Legislative leaders are working on a measure to fund a fix that includes tougher legislative oversight over the purse strings and processes at MNIT, the state agency responsible for what’s become the most potent poster child for government incompetence since MNsure. But the notion of increased accountability evidently doesn’t sit well with Gov. Dayton. So negotiations over a compromise have gone down to the wire this weekend, according to a recent MPR report. The Minnesota Senate postponed a...

  • Minnesota’s economic news, w/e 3/16/17

    A round-up of the last week’s economic news stories in Minnesota

  • Lawmakers Target “Monster” Met Council Again

    Gov. Dayton vetoed the last attempt by legislators to get the Metropolitan Council in line. But lawmakers are back with a vengeance, picking up where they left off this week in committee hearings covered by Session Daily. As Rep. Tony Albright (R-Prior Lake) put it to a House committee on Monday, the Met Council has become “a monster.” “The point is not to question whether to change the Met Council,” Albright said. “It’s how to change the Met Council.” Albright has revived a tweaked version of legislation he introduced in 2017 that proposes to dramatically reshape the agency, enlarging the body from...


  • It wasn’t luck that made Ireland’s Celtic Tiger roar

    Among other things, Ireland is famous for its stories. The story of the Irish economy in the last 30 years highlights the importance of sound fiscal and monetary policy and the growth potential that these can unleash. It is a story we could all do with considering.

  • Recycling Won’t Cut It- We’ll Need New Mines

    Opponents of copper and nickel mining in Northern Minnesota sometimes suggest that new mines for copper and nickel will not be needed because metal recycling can fill the gap. Data from the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) say otherwise.

  • Solar Power Strikes Out in Carver County

    Solar power proponents hit a brick wall recently on the fringe of the metro area in Carver County.  Three long-standing proposals to install so-called solar community gardens were all turned down in February by the Carver County Board. While two of the projects were opposed by the county planning commission, board members overrode a favorable staff recommendation in also rejecting a third solar facility in Waconia Township. That denial came in spite of a last-minute attempt by the developer to offset aesthetic and other objections raised by neighbors, including cash payments. But the unpopular project went down in flames anyway,...

  • Minnesota should ditch its alternative minimum tax for corporations

    Minnesota is one of only eight states to have an Alternative Minimum Tax for its corporations. This is more hassle than it worth and we recommended its repeal in our recent report on Minnesota's economy. Fortunately, a bill in the Capitol might be about to do just that.