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  • Will Klobuchar and Smith Vote for Shutdown Over Saving Children’s Health Program?

    Minnesota has effectively run out of federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The program covers health care costs for 125,000 Minnesota children. But now there’s a chance to salvage the program, if the U.S. Senate, including Minnesota Senators Klobuchar and Smith, vote to avoid a federal government shutdown. Democrats have railed over Congress’ failure to re-up the program for months, joined by members of Minnesota’s delegation. The Minnesota media added to the chorus. Minnesota will have to spend $178 million over the next 18 months if Congress fails to reauthorize a federal health insurance program that covers 125,000...

  • For Minnesotans, “It’s the economy, stupid”

    "The economy, stupid", was famously one of the three talking points in Bill Clinton's presidential campaign back in 1992. Elections aren't always focused on the economy, but Minnesota's 2018 gubernatorial election looks like it will be. 

  • Here’s an issue we can all agree on: End ridiculous, anti-competitive occupational licensing

    Reforming excessive state-based occupational licensing requirement is the issue that has a U of M labor professor sounding like a disciple of Milton Friedman and expressing strong support for legislation supported by the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress. Work to fix this anti-competitive abuse begun under the Obama Administration but progress has been difficult since all this regulation takes place at the state level.  But now a recent court case has opened the door to action by Congress that could spur reform at the state level. Even so, it was a joy to read in today’s Star Tribune the...


  • Who Asks the Right Questions About Refugees?

    We do. Sunday’s Pioneer Press had a long article about refugees in Minnesota that featured an admirable family: the Sivasundarams, who have come to Minnesota from Sri Lanka, by way of Malaysia. They hold multiple jobs, and they love Minnesota. Their children grew up speaking English and appear to be assimilating well. If you focus on a single successful family, you can create the impression that our refugee programs are terrific and it would be good to take in lots more refugees. Conversely, if you focus exclusively on the story of a refugee who turns out to be a murderer...

  • New Report: Over a Billion in Union Dues Spent on Left-Wing Politics from 2010-2016

    Think about it: in a country that prides itself on protecting citizen’s free speech rights, which includes the right NOT to speak and the right NOT to associate with a group or political party, we force people to support the political agenda of unions in order to keep their job. That is just wrong—especially when it is the government that collects the dues for government unions like the NEA.

  • Rochester Spends $150,000 on “New Destination Brand”

    If there’s one city in Minnesota that ought to think twice before throwing away taxpayer dollars on creating a “brand” it’s Rochester. The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Rochester? Mayo Clinic. It may be the seat of Olmsted County, but Rochester has long enjoyed a reputation far beyond our borders as a medical center and research powerhouse. Hence Rochester’s nickname Med City. But it’s a “New Year, New Brand” as of January 1, 2018. The Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau, just renamed Experience Rochester MN, even lists “the top ten facts you need to know about...

  • Twin Cities cut from Amazon’s HQ list

    The Twin Cities are out of the race to attract Amazon's new HQ. When the company announces the winning bid and their reasoning later this year, it should give Minnesota's policymakers food for thought.