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  • Federal government shut down over Illegal Aliens (DACA)

    The irony is that the Republican Party, at least according to Democratic strategists, are helping the Democrats come up with their majority for the future. Their assumption is that all "Dreamers" will become Democrats. Yet Republicans are going ahead and doing it anyway. That's because they believe (or hope) that "Dreamers" will make up their own mind about politics and who to vote for.

  • No End in Sight for Backlogged Vehicle Registration System

    The upside for the Dayton Administration’s hopelessly dysfunctional MNLARS vehicle registration system? It hasn’t crashed since November 2. The downside? Some 269,000 registration and title transactions remain backlogged in the system as of last Friday. That’s the update from Dana Bailey, the new Executive Director of Projects and Initiatives for MN.IT, the high tech state agency responsible for the disastrous computer system that was tens of millions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule–and still doesn’t work. In spite of the disruption to hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans over the last six months, Bailey expressed her concern to the...

  • If we care about employee freedom, we should care about Janus

    In a little over a month, the Supreme Court is set to hear a momentous case on paying forced dues to public sector unions—Janus v. AFSCME. If the Court rules in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Janus, every government employee across the country will have the right to choose for himself or herself whether to give money to a union. Public sector unions have denounced the case, calling it a “political scheme” and a “threat to public workers.” Most recently, the case was criticized by Marietta English—a vice president for the national labor union American Federation of Teachers (AFT)—in a...


  • State’s economy is lagging

     This article appeared January 20, 2018 in the West Sherburne Tribune.  The recession that hit the U.S a decade ago may be over, but Minnesota’s economy hasn’t kept up with the rest of the country. That is the message behind a performance report by the Center of the American Experiment. Wednesday, during a Community Partners meeting at the Hideout Bar & Grill in Big Lake Twp., about 50 area stakeholders listened as economist John Phelan used that report to talk about the Minnesota economy. He said Minnesotans often hear about how well the state is doing economically, with things like high...

  • Those Crazy Californians! Oops…No, Wait

    From California comes the latest news of the loony left. The federal government’s tax reform, which dramatically reduces the U.S.’s formerly highest-in-the-world corporate income tax rate, has already sparked a stock market boom and has led many companies to announce pay raises and bonuses for their employees. A great result, right? Not if you are a leftist. Two California Assemblymen have announced an effort to at least partly undo the federal tax cut within their state: A pair of California lawmakers want to claw back some of steep tax cuts that corporations will receive under the federal tax overhaul signed...

  • Minnesota’s economic news, w/e 1/19/17

    A round-up of the last week’s economic news stories in Minnesota

  • Will Klobuchar and Smith Vote for Shutdown Over Saving Children’s Health Program?

    Minnesota has effectively run out of federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The program covers health care costs for 125,000 Minnesota children. But now there’s a chance to salvage the program, if the U.S. Senate, including Minnesota Senators Klobuchar and Smith, vote to avoid a federal government shutdown. Democrats have railed over Congress’ failure to re-up the program for months, joined by members of Minnesota’s delegation. The Minnesota media added to the chorus. Minnesota will have to spend $178 million over the next 18 months if Congress fails to reauthorize a federal health insurance program that covers 125,000...