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  • Franken Busted for Abuse of Nomination Process

    Minnesota Sen. Al Franken got called out for bad behavior this week, not once but twice. Accusations that Franken kissed and groped Los Angeles broadcaster Leeann Tweeden grabbed most of the media’s attention. But Franken also got busted for abusing the Senate’s nomination process for the federal judiciary, as noted by the Wall Street Journal. The hits keep coming for Al Franken. At the same time folks are calling on the Minnesota Democrat to resign after he’s been accused of sexual assault, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is ending a Franken veto over judicial nominees. Chairman Chuck Grassley...

  • The Tyranny of Control

    In 1980, Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman turned TV presenter. Over ten episodes, his PBS program Free to Choose explored the workings of the market economy and explained how free economies and free people were indivisible. After nearly four decades, it remains well worth watching.

  • Henry Hazlitt: The Consequences of Decontrol

    The laws of economics applied just as much in 1946 as they do now. Here, in Newsweek from this day in 1946, the great economic writer Henry Hazlitt explains some of the knock-on effects of breaking those laws.


  • Minnesota’s economic news, w/e 11/17/17

    A round-up of the last week's economic news stories in Minnesota.

  • Skills Matter More Than Type of Degree

    (Photo Credit: The Markle Foundation) A new report from Center of the American Experiment reveals that there’s “gold in a two-year degree.” The study found that young Minnesotans who choose a variety of non-four-year career pathways—in skilled manufacturing, health care, construction-related occupations, etc.—can often earn more in a lifetime than their peers with a four-year degree. Now a new study from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C., confirms this is true across the nation.

  • Venezeula’s economic and social collapse shows that Bernie Sanders is another “useful idiot”

    In 2011, Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote "These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who's the banana republic now?" Now, Venezuela's economy is collapsing as a horrible, predictable result of its socialist economic policies. At some point in the 20th century, the term "useful idiots" was coined for people in the rich west who extolled the virtues of communism. Sen. Sanders is one of the latest in this long and ignoble tradition. 

  • MN Supreme Court Upholds Dayton Defunding of Legislature

    The following analysis of today’s Minnesota Supreme Court ruling on the use of the line-item veto in legislative funding was written by Harry Niska, pro bono counsel for American Experiment’s amicus brief in this case.   The Minnesota Supreme Court has issued a decision in the lawsuit filed by the Legislature challenging Governor Dayton’s line-item veto of the Legislature’s funding. In a 5-1 decision (with Justice Stras recused), the Court acknowledged that the line-item vetoes might overstep Governor Dayton’s constitutional authority, but nevertheless rejected the Legislature’s legal challenge, allowing Governor Dayton’s line-item vetoes to stand. This is a case that...