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  • Trump Mentions Dayton’s ACA Criticisms During Rally

    During a Monday rally in Louisville, Kentucky President Trump stressed the importance of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, noting even liberal leaders have spoken out against the health care system. Including Minnesota’s own Gov. Dayton. “It’s time for Democrat leaders in Washington to take responsibility for the disaster they and they alone created. Remember when President Obama said, if you like your plan you can keep your plan; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? Nobody brings that stuff up, do they? Or the Democratic governor of Minnesota who said, ‘The Affordable Care Act is no...

  • Yesterday’s Love Stories: The Gray Divorce Phenomenon

    Originally posted on the Institute for Family Studies website. It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came down in torrents, beating against my windshield, slowing my drive. I arrived at the community center later than intended, but still in time to visit with the young mothers who had gathered to hear me speak. Despite the weather, their mood was jovial, in anticipation, I suspect, of my message about sex and intimacy. Their unrestrained chatter revealed a desire to hear immediate and magical solutions—not unlike most couples with whom I speak, who want to build or restore a lasting...

  • St. Olaf Hate Threatens Conservative Students: At Least Two Leave School

    Anti-Trump hysteria has swept over St. Olaf College.  According to an article in Manitou Messenger, the student newspaper, many conservatives face a hostile environment and report they have been violently threatened because of their beliefs.  Consequently, these students “keep their heads down” in class, hid their political beliefs, and at least two are leaving the school because of such an ugly atmosphere on campus.  Drudge even picked up a story on the situation written by higher education news website The College Fix. In the Classroom “I’m fine being political with a one-on-one discussion,” Larson said, “but when everyone else is...


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  • A possible path to give states more control over health insurance markets

    Last week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its analysis of the American Health Care Act (AHCA)—the House bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. While the headlines focused on the CBO’s estimate that 24 million people would lose coverage if the House bill passes, I was more interested to see what the analysis reveals about how Obamacare’s insurance regulations might be modified or repealed under the budget reconciliation process. After taking a closer look, the House bill may be missing an opportunity to put states back in control of their insurance markets. To fully repeal Obamacare today, Republicans would need a...

  • A city-country mice divide in Minnesota? We don’t see it that way

    Less government, more freedom is good for rural and urban Minnesota. This op-ed appeared in the Star Tribune March 20, 2017. In “Bridging our city mouse/country mouse divide” (March 5), Dane Smith and Vernae Hasbargen of the liberal policy group Growth & Justice write that they “have witnessed far too much warfare between metro and rural mice. We are worried that it’s getting worse.” Smith and Hasbargen see a cultural divide between urban and rural Minnesotans. They diagnose “metro condescension” in the cities and “rural resentment” in Greater Minnesota. Some metropolitan progressives think “rural people are gullible hayseeds,” while some...

  • “Concern” Over New Chick-fil-A in St. Louis Park

    The opportunity to “eat mor chikin” may be coming to St. Louis Park. But apparently not without controversy. The Star Tribune published an article Saturday focusing on the “concerns of some St. Louis Park residents” over the potential Chick-fil-A franchise in Knollwood Mall. Members of Allies of St. Louis Park, a Facebook group, are quoted throughout the article saying they want Chick-fil-A to support the gay and transgender community by operating the fast-food company in a different way. “The group has made several requests of the franchise, including that it consider installing gender-neutral bathrooms at the new location. ‘It’s such an...

  • Win-Win: How Rural and Urban Minnesotans Both Benefit

    The proverbial divide between urban and rural Minnesotans gets a lot of attention these days. Look no further than today’s Star Tribune on how metro area residents get the short end of the stick when it comes to transportation funding. The gulf between red and blue parts of the state was also the subject of a lengthy op-ed in the paper recently by Dane Smith and Vernae Hasbargen of the liberal policy group Growth & Justice based on Aesop’s “city mouse, country mouse” fable. But in today’s Star Tribune, American Experiment challenges the liberal stereotype of rural and urban residents...