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Young Communists of Minnetonka

There is a large rock outside Minnetonka High School, where painting the rock apparently is a tradition. Last week, some students painted an American flag on the rock. They also added patriotic messages on the sidewalk, like a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.

That brought a response from the Minnetonka Leftist Union, a high school group. The Minnetonka Leftists proudly display the hammer and sickle of Communism as well as the fascist “A” symbol on their Twitter feed:

This is the Minnetonka Leftists’ tweet about the American flag:

To the extreme left, the American flag is a symbol of racism and oppression. That is sad, but no surprise. What is surprising is that this infantile leftism can be found at Minnetonka High School.

Within the last 24 hours someone, presumably Minnetonka High School students, defaced the painting of the flag by painting it over with an LGBQ rainbow. This is now the Leftist Union’s Twitter profile photo:

We don’t want to overstate the importance of the Minnetonka Leftist Union. I have no idea how many members the group has, but its Twitter feed has only 49 followers. The “Union’s” members will probably become wiser when they grow up. But the fact is that the poisonous ideas expressed by the Minnetonka Leftists are not rare in the public schools. Here is a quote from another Minnetonka Leftist Union tweet, directed at the Minnetonka Conservatives:

The history of America and all settler colonial states is the history of racial oppression. This isn’t perceived racism this is real racism. We live in a country where the vestiges of slavery, Jim Crow are not only alive but perpetuated by forces of reaction like you.

There is much more ignorant drivel on the young Communists’ Twitter feed; here is just one more example:

These ideas are profoundly stupid, but they are in the air at many public and private high schools. Are there teachers at Minnetonka High School who vilify America in these terms? What does Minnetonka High School teach its students about America and its history? If I had a child in that school, I would want to know the answers to those questions.

I would also want to know whether defacing of the American flag on the rock, whether done by members of the Minnetonka Leftists or others, will be tolerated.

We and others have documented a climate of left-wing indoctrination and intolerance in some public schools. Are the Minnetonka Leftists a tiny and irrelevant fringe group, or are they a symptom of a larger problem at Minnetonka High School?




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