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DFL Blames Republicans For Their Own Policy

Over the past week a number of residents in Republican-represented districts received mailers from the DFL accusing Republicans of voting “to give legislators a 45 percent pay raise,” according to the Star Tribune. This is factually not true; two years ago 76 percent of Minnesota voters approved an amendment to the state Constitution that removed control of legislative salaries from legislators and to a council appointed by the executive and judiciary branches.

The real irony lies not with the fact that Republicans legislators constitutionally couldn’t vote to increase their own salaries, but with the fact that before the amendment was enacted, the then DFL majority legislature voted to increase their salaries without the support of any Republicans.

It is certainly fair political game to send mailers criticizing policies of the opposition, but to mislead the voters so blatantly, and with such hypocrisy, only brings more chaos to an already fragmented political discourse.

Jack Campbell is an intern at Center of the American Experiment. 





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