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Response to Comments In New York Times Article

Center of the American Experiment welcomes all those who immigrate to Minnesota legally, including Somali refugees. The recent comment one of our employees made to the New York Times does not reflect the views and values of our organization. We envision a Minnesota where everyone is free to reap the rewards of their own efforts and build meaningful lives for their families.



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  • Minnesota’s Border Battles: North Dakota

    Location: Fargo, ND

    Sign up HERE! Can we look at the states as “laboratories of democracy,” as Louis Brandeis famously called them, in order to pursue better policy? In his research, John does this by comparing the economic performances of neighboring counties on either side of the Minnesota border. At this event, John will share his findings on Minnesota and North Dakota, and discuss the insight it gives us into the economic impacts of state policies. Lunch will be served and doors will open at 11:30. Presentation will begin at noon. Your ticket includes lunch, a FREE American Experiment wine glass, a copy…

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