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MN schools closed through May 4

Gov. Tim Walz has ordered Minnesota schools to remain closed through May 4, with extended school closures possible in the future. Beginning tomorrow, most students will start distance learning. Others, like Minneapolis and St. Paul students, will begin next week due to spring break schedules.

The distance learning plans—which many districts and charters have been putting together since schools closed on March 18—will vary widely by grade level, subject, school, and teacher, according to MPR News.

It will also look different based on the resources families have and the resources schools have. For example, not every student has an internet connection or digital device at home.

The distance learning plans should be available on district websites by tomorrow at the latest. Minnesota Statutes require districts offering e-learning days to submit an implementation plan for approval by the Minnesota Department of Education that “must include accommodations for students without Internet access at home and for digital device access for families without the technology or an insufficient amount of technology for the number of children in the household.” According to the Minnesota Department of Education guidance:

All students must have similar learning experiences in terms of subject matter, task difficulty, and interaction with peers and their teacher(s). Tasks must be completed during the regular hours of the eLearning day. Students without access cannot be required to make-up the work on another day. Students may use physical texts or books and may handwrite their work, but those resources would have to be available at home. Teachers must contact students by telephone to conference with students, assess and support their learning.

Visit here for additional distance learning resources and how to access an Internet connection.




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