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This Week’s Top Stories

This Week’s Top Stories

The Golden Turkey is Back!

Minnesota’s government wastes a lot of money on silly expenditures. The Golden Turkey is back to pick the best one. It’s time to cast your vote!

Gov. Walz has no plan for lifting restrictions on Minnesota’s businesses

With the focus of the Walz administration and media squarely on vaccinations, no one seems to be paying attention to all the other improving metrics regarding COVID-19. Walz is offering no certainty to small businesses about when they can reopen.

Teachers’ unionthe pushes back on state testing

The CDC. The World Health Organization. Joe Biden. Tim Walz. Everyone says we need to open schools fully to benefit students. But the teachers’ union has never really been about students, have they?

Texas: Winter weather, iced wind turbines, and rolling blackouts

The ultimate teaching moment in green energy presented itself with winter storms hitting Texas. Turns out wind turbines and solar panels don’t work very well in these conditions. Shocking.

How is the state government not ‘fully funded’ when it is spending more money per Minnesotan than ever before?

Fully funding government is always a moving target. The facts show Minnesota is sending more now than at any time in history, but liberals sound good when they fight to “fully fund.”

Minnesota’s high level of public welfare spending is not due to a higher than average elderly population

It’s easy to explain why Minnesota’s high per-capita welfare spending by pointing out that most health care spending is consumed by the elderly, and services on the elderly tend to be expensive. Easy, but wrong. 

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Is Your Child Struggling to Read? You’re Not Alone

Public schools are abandoning basic phonics, and encouraging students to guess at words using picture clues. As a result, 43% of Minnesota 3rd graders can’t read at grade level.

In this webinar:
1) Find out what “balanced literacy” and “whole language” buzzwords really mean
2) What public schools are (and aren’t) teaching elementary readers
3) How you can teach your child to read at home in 100 easy lessons.

Webinar: What Minnesota Schools Get Wrong About Reading Instruction
February 24, 2021 at 12 pm CST

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