Activists Lose Latest Round in Vital Pipeline Replacement Project

If they keep this up, the rabble-rousers opposed to the Enbridge 3 pipeline replacement project may yet prove there’s something to the layman’s definition of insanity. The hard-core group of anti-pipeline activists was back at it again today doing the same thing as in previous public meetings, namely disrupting a Minnesota Public Utilities Commission hearing, while evidently expecting different results.

But their predictable antics backfired again, according to Fox-9 News. The MPUC board ignored the noisy shouting and unanimously affirmed its support for the critical pipeline.

State regulators on Monday refused to reconsider their decision granting the go-ahead of the controversial Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline, setting off a protest at the state Capitol complex.

…Four protesters interrupted after the commission voted 5-0 against reconsidering its earlier decision. The protesters shouted “Line 3 is an immediate climate disaster, so we will stop Line 3.” They left the meeting without incident.

In fact, AP reports state regulators doubled down on their support for thee replacement pipeline that will improve Minnesota’s energy security and environmental protection.

And the commissioners agreed that Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge has met several additional conditions they imposed when they approved the plan in June, including requirements for insurance coverage against spills and financial assurances for covering the costs of removing the pipeline at the end of its life.

After losing a 5-0 vote, the disgruntled group packed up their protest and headed for the State Capitol.

Environmental and tribal groups say the project would aggravate climate change and endanger pristine waters in northern Minnesota. Dozens of their supporters walked out of the hearing and marched to the office of Gov. Elect Tim Walz.

Earlier, opponents of the project shouted their objections as the hearing opened. Several protesters chanted that the pipeline would be a climate change disaster.

The MPUC’s overdue action finally concludes a prior proceeding the pipeline agitators took control of and cut short back in September.  It’s long past time to allow this vital $3 billion energy and environmental protection project to move forward.