American Experiment Congratulates PolyMet on DNR Permit to Mine

Center of the American Experiment congratulates PolyMet Mining Corp. on receiving a Permit to Mine for its NorthMet copper-nickel project from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The proposed PolyMet mine is the most extensively studied project in the history of Minnesota, and after 10 years of study, the DNR has concluded it can be conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.
The DNR’s approval of the project reinforces the message of our mining reportand campaign: Minnesota can have a strong mining economy and ensure future generations of Minnesotans will enjoy a healthy environment.
Developing Minnesota’s copper, nickel, platinum, cobalt, and titanium resources can potentially generate more than $3.7 billion dollars in economic output for the state, support 8,500 jobs, and generate almost $200 million in additional tax revenue. PolyMet will hopefully be the first of many successful non-ferrous mining ventures in Minnesota.
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