American Experiment Is “Ramping Up,” “Surging”

Center of the American Experiment has had a great year in 2016, as evidenced by a nice article by reporter Shannon Prather in yesterday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. The article, on the front page of the paper’s Minnesota section, notes the Center’s rapidly growing influence and says we are “ramping up” and “surging,” as we bring our messages to more and more Minnesotans:

When attorney John Hinderaker took the helm of the Center of the American Experiment last January, the Golden Valley-based think tank was spending most of its energy preaching to a small choir of Twin Cities conservatives already versed in its small-government, free-market mantra.

Hinderaker, founder of the nationally recognized conservative blog Power Line, began to remake CAE’s image from “thought leader” for a wonkish elite few to a force reaching millions of Minnesotans. His methods to amplify the message: Traditional and new media, and public events.

Those efforts have helped boost contributions to the nonprofit by about 50 percent this year to $2 million. New donors have been added and more support is coming from existing donors pleased with the changes. …

The CAE counts more than 10 million engagements with the public in 2016, ranging from guest commentaries published in 64 newspapers, ad buys on local radio stations, Facebook and YouTube to its first-ever appearance at the Minnesota State Fair.

It has started publishing a quarterly magazine and branded itself on caps and T-shirts as “Minnesota’s Think Tank.” Hinderaker has added a series of popular luncheons and events to stir discussion.

“We are organizing in a much more populist way. People realize Minnesota is changing. The state is up for grabs,” he said.

The story included this quote from independent candidate for governor Tom Horner, “They bring a very very thoughtful, substantive approach to important issues. If you feel challenged or threatened by the Center, don’t complain. Bring the same level of thoughtfulness to the issues.”

Much more at the link. We are planning an even better 2017. If you want to help us grow, and more important, help turn Minnesota into a conservative state, go here to contribute.