Analysis finds that Minneapolis city council members are overpaid

Minneapolis city council members are overpaid compared to their peers in similar-sized cities.

That is the finding of an analysis carried out by the city’s own staff at the request of the council itself. It found that members are paid 135% of the median pay for similar cities in the United States. Minneapolis council members make just under $110,000 per year.

Fox 9 reports:

That salary puts them just behind Seattle council members, who collect $137,432 per year, and just ahead of the Denver city council – where council members simultaneously serve the city and county.

The analysis put the median pay for similar-sized cities at $81.330. It also shows Minneapolis council members made more than that median back in 2014 when members earned a salary of $82,362. Since then, the council members’ pay has ballooned by 25 percent.

Has the city of Minneapolis been so well served by its councilors since 2014 that they have earned a 25% pay rise? Answers in the comments, please.

Yesterday morning, Fox 9 reports;

…council members approved a resolution to block a pay raise for Minneapolis council members for the next two-year term. The resolution still needs to go through a vote at the next full council meeting but its approval appears all but guaranteed, passing 12-0 on Thursday.

There is still some sense of shame in the city, it seems.