Minneapolis 4th of July: “less chaotic than last year”

Even as he dodged fireworks in the troubled Dinkytown neighborhood himself last night, Minneapolis police chief Brian O’Hara declared the overnight festivities to have been “less chaotic.” KARE 11 reports:

Despite the mayhem, the chief said this year’s July 4 is overall less chaotic than previous years. 

For context, here is my report from 2023 and David Zimmer’s report from 2022.

I suppose that’s something to build on. A roundup of local headlines from 2024:

Minneapolis police make “numerous” arrests after fireworks chaos in Dinkytown – CBS Minnesota (cbsnews.com)

Minneapolis police arrest multiple people after firework misuse – KSTP.com 5

Minneapolis police arrest ‘dozens’ in Dinkytown night of Fourth of July (fox9.com)

MPD makes “numerous” arrests after fireworks launched at officers | kare11.com

Minneapolis Fourth of July Erupts in Chaos: SWAT Mobilized as Violence Strikes Dinkytown | KNSI (knsiradio.com)

Thirty arrested in Dinkytown after July 4th disturbances (startribune.com)

The closest we come to any description of those involved last night is the tag “young people” offered by WCCO.

A later report by Fox 9 includes some additional details:

Police say the suspects include 27 adults and eight minors, all between the ages of 15 and 23. 

So what happens next? KARE-11 reports:

Chaotic July 4 in Dinkytown reignites conversation about safety near U of M

Suburban Crystal experienced a “feral youth” (my term) episode of its own last weekend. WCCO reports:

In Crystal, the deputy chief says the police department is “on a full court press” to prevent a repeat of what happened last weekend: according to police, more than 300 people descended on Becker Park, where witnessed recounted fights, fireworks and even taser-like devices.

“Kids” and “teenagers” may have been involved in that incident. Buckle up, says the Star Tribune:

Crystal police prepare for more juvenile ‘takeovers’ at Becker Park. Police were said to be on high alert for such gatherings this weekend.  

In other, good news, for the first time since 2019, there was an official fireworks display in Minneapolis on the night of the 4th, which proceeded last night despite the rain.

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday yesterday!