Anti-Police Vandals Deface Cop, Firefighter and Soldier Statues in Eagan

The Eagan PD also issued a photo of a woman defacing city property with graffiti.

The Star Tribune reports a possible connection to the protest earlier in the evening.

Police also released a photo of a woman vandalizing a band shell wall with a similar theme along with the first name of Isak Aden, a 23-year-old man who was fatally shot by Eagan police during a standoff in July 2019.

The “No Trust Without Accountability!” protest was organized by the grass-roots Justice For Isak Aden Committee. Among the speakers was Sumaya Aden, Isak’s sister. Messages were left with the group seeking comment about the gathering Tuesday and the graffiti that was left behind.

In November, Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom declined to charge officers who shot Aden, concluding the use of deadly force was legally justified because Aden lunged for a gun he had set down on the ground, then raised his hand that was holding the weapon. Five officers opened fire. Aden was shot 11 times.

Authorities are asking the public for tips on who’s responsible for damaging the city’s statues. Here’s hoping they find and prosecute the perpetrators faster than the vandals who tore down the Christopher Columbus statue on June 10 at the State Capitol. After the Bureau of  Criminal Apprehension slow-walked the investigation over to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, no one has been charged yet, two months later.