Bemidji horror house illustrates broken MN judicial system, Part 1

The sole suspect charged in an alleged child gang rape should not have been free. Oscar Ernesto Luna, age 22, has been charged with the alleged rape of an 11-year-old girl on September 23 in Bemidji.

[Update: the Bemidji police department issued an updated statement on Oct. 4 on the case.]

At last check, Luna remains in custody in the Beltrami County jail. Luna’s next court appearance is scheduled for late next week. He is being offered cash bail as low as $50,000 for his conditional release, $80,000 for an unconditional release. His Beltrami Co. mugshot:

[Note: I have read the eight-page criminal complaint in the Bemidji case. I recommend that you do NOT.]

According to the complaint filed in the case, the site of these horrors was a single-family home located at the end of a cul-de-sac named America Court NW. A cul-de-sac, named America.

Besides the whereabouts of the two other alleged underage victims, mysteries abound in the case, such as, what was going on at that address where the local cops found eleven (11) illegal aliens on premises?

The bigger unsolved mystery is why Luna was free to be in Bemidji last month.

As media reports note, at the time he was apprehended, Luna was the subject of two (2) active warrants from Hennepin County around two separate DWI cases.

According to documents on file with the Minnesota Judicial branch, Luna first pops up on the grid in Minnesota in August 2019. He was cited in Roseville for driving a Chevy Silverado under a revoked license, this one from Texas. This citation presents his address as Mission, TX. He paid the $186 fine in that case.

In October 2019, Luna, now driving a red Pontiac, was issued a parking ticket by police in St. Paul. This time Luna’s address is given as Golden Valley, MN. The $66 fine from that ticket remains unpaid.

In June 2020, Luna was charged with third-degree DWI in Hennepin County, again listing a Golden Valley address. According to the complaint in the 2020 case, Luna was pulled over in Robbinsdale, shortly after midnight on June 2, going 85 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. His blood alcohol was measured at .22. At this time, he was driving a Ford F-250.

He was released on $12,000 bail but failed to appear at his August court date.

In March of 2023, Luna was charged with a new count of third-degree DWI arising from a March 25 incident in New Hope. On this occasion, the time was 2 a.m. and the setting a local Mexican restaurant. Luna left the restaurant in a Ford Explorer and was quickly pulled over for driving erratically, with an open can of Modelo in the cupholder. A routine check revealed the outstanding warrant from his 2020 DWI case. He blew a .14 this go-around.

Luna was now listed as living in Brooklyn Park and holding a Minnesota drivers license. Somehow, Luna was released and failed to appear in court in May in the 2023 case. A new warrant was issued and he was taken into custody on July 6. Here is his Hennepin County mugshot:

He was released from jail a few days later after posting an additional bail of $2,000. A new hearing was set for late July, where he failed to appear, yet again. A new warrant was issued in the 2023 case, to go along with the 2020 warrant.

Fast forward to September and we find our man, three times a fugitive, in Bemidji. In the latest case, he is charged with a felony: 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, and his address has reverted back to Texas. Our man from Texas has now requested an interpreter.

Part 2 digs into the rap sheet of the alleged victim’s alleged Auntie.