Bemidji horror house illustrates broken MN judicial system, Part 2

We’ve previously discussed the rap sheet of the lone person charged with the gang-rape of an 11-year-old girl in Bemidji. In this post, we dig into the criminal histories of two others found at the scene of the alleged crime.

To date, Oscar Luna, age 22, of Texas/Golden Valley/Brooklyn Park is the only person charged in relation to the alleged crime committed last month.

[The relevant pages of the official police complaint can be viewed here. Yesterday’s Facebook update from Bemidji police can be viewed here.]

The official police complaint identifies only two other individuals by name in this case. Neither has been charged in this case, so neither will be named here.

The police report describes an “Auntie,” age 24, as the person who allegedly handed over the child to her alleged attackers.

The Auntie has an amazingly long list of police encounters in Beltrami County. Her addresses are given variously as locations in Bemidji or in Fargo, ND.

She has been involved as a defendant in nine separate court cases, dating from 2018 through 2021, some of which overlap. Several of the cases involved incidents arising from when she was apprehended by police for previous offences. In one 2020 case, she failed to appear for hearings on five separate occasions.

In those nine cases, she has been convicted on 12 counts, all misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors. Two felony counts were dropped. In addition to the nine cases that resulted in convictions, she has been involved in two more recent theft cases, that were both dismissed by the prosecuting attorney.

Convictions range from theft, to assault, to property damage, among other offenses. She has unpaid fines totaling $1,600 outstanding, with hundreds more in fines having been waived over the years.

All told, she has been sentenced to over 7 1/2 years in jail, mostly concurrently. The majority of that time has been stayed, or covered by time served awaiting her various trials.

Curiously, her most recent conviction, in March 2023, included one year in jail, not stayed. But at some point in 2023, she was released from custody and in August 2023 was released early from probation.

In North Dakota, she was cited in 2022 for misdemeanor assault in a case currently shown as “inactive.”

One other person besides Auntie was named in the September 2023 police report. An individual was encountered as he drove up to the horror house on America Court in Bemidji. As it turns out, this man, described as having difficulty speaking English, has a June 2023 conviction for driving in Bemidji on a revoked Minnesota license, which listed a Minneapolis address. In the June incident, he was driving a Jeep with Texas plates. He does not appear to have been issued a new citation.

No description of his September vehicle was provided in the most recent police report.

Again, neither individual has been charged with any offense in this latest incident.

The revolving door spins and spins.