Betty McCollum Embarrasses Herself

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has come out in favor of impeaching President Trump. For what, you may wonder? The Constitution specifies that a president can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Until now, such matters have been considered deadly serious. But it is obvious that McCollum isn’t serious at all. Here are her stated reasons for impeaching the president:

“He is the one undermining justice by trying to obstruct it.

How? She doesn’t say. Certainly not by firing FBI Director James Comey. If Comey was doing a poor job–and he was; many Democrats had called for him to be fired–President Trump had not only a right but a duty to replace him. And one of Trump’s real achievements has been the restoration of the rule of law, e.g. by revoking Obama’s obviously unconstitutional DACA order.

He’s had a year to change his behavior. He’s had a year to release his taxes.

This is pure silliness. Trump is under no more obligation to “release his taxes” than McCollum is, or than you and I are.

He’s had a year to prove to members of Congress that he takes his constitutional responsibilities seriously.”

Which means what? I have no idea, but I would submit that Betty McCollum has had sixteen years to prove to Minnesota voters that she takes her constitutional responsibilities seriously. Advancing frivolous political schemes like the attempted impeachment of President Trump doesn’t help her case.

McCollum also told reporters that she will attend tonight’s State of the Union speech:

“I’m going to be wearing black, in solidarity with the women who came forward and spoke about the inappropriate and aggressive behavior Mr. Trump displayed to them,” McCollum said.

Curious–I thought she might be wearing black in honor of the women who were abused by former Senator Al Franken. But apparently Franken’s disgrace has gone down the memory hole.