California To Ban the Sale of New Gas and Diesel Cars and Trucks By 2035

Yesterday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed and executive order that will ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks in California by 2035. This is exactly why thousands of Minnesotans oppose the Walz administration’s plan to adopt California car mandates in our state.

California’s new order directs the California Air Resources Board (CARB), an unelected bureaucracy, to develop a phase-out plan that would require 100 percent zero-emissions personal use and drayage vehicles by 2035 and as many medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicle applications deemed feasible by 2045, Fox News reports.

It makes zero sense that California would essentially mandate the use of electric vehicles by 2035 when their electric grid is so unreliable that the state is suffering from rolling blackouts when the weather isn’t cooperating. It would make even less sense for Minnesota to follow California off the cliff.

The Walz administration is currently in the process of publishing a rule that would require Minnesotans to comply with California’s Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) and Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandates. In layman’s terms, these rule would require cars sold in Minnesota to meet the fuel mileage standards established by CARB, and it would require that 8 percent of the vehicles offered for sale would be electric by 2025, according to a webinar hosted by Fresh Energy.

Adopting California’s current car mandates would not subject us to the ban on selling new gas cars, but it is certainly a step in that direction. This is why Center of the American Experiment is leading the charge to oppose the first set of California car mandates, because liberal politicians won’t be satisfied until they’ve eliminated your freedom to buy the type of car that best suits your needs, and not their agenda.

Sign our petition at to tell Governor Walz and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that you want no part of California’s car mandates.