Candace Owens’ American Experiment Speech Continues to Create Buzz

Candace Owens visited Minnesota for only a day, but the ripple effect of her dynamic speech at American Experiment’s May 8 forum continues to reverberate over a week later.

Minnesota Public Radio broadcast Owens’ talk twice across the statewide network this week under the headline of “Candace Owens’ Journey to Conservatism.” (Audio here)

Candace Owens, 28 years old, believes culture and politics mix in interesting ways, and the left has had a “stranglehold on culture.” She added, “whoever controls culture controls politics.”

Once considering herself a Democrat, she “had the feeling something had gone amiss in the black community. We’ve been voting for a party that seeks to destroy our communities.” Racism, she says, “is used as a theme to turn black people into single issue voters.”

Meantime, American Experiment’s video of the Turning Point USA representative’s Minneapolis speech has already racked up more than 67,000 views on YouTube–and counting.

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder added the voice of the state’s “oldest Black-owned newspaper” to the rising star’s coverage under the banner “Right-wing firebrand wows American Experiment forum.”

Candace Owens is an unapologetic Black conservative activist. She first rose to fame in 2017 as founder of the Red Pill Black website – her third website since leaving a private equity firm several years ago – and a YouTube channel that has amassed over 200,000 subscribers with video titles such as “Mom, Dad…I’m a conservative” and “The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid,” among others.

Rolling Stone magazine has called her a “boilerplate” for conservatives who lack originality. Rapper Kanye West tweeted last month, one day after she called Black Lives Matter “spoiled toddlers,” that he “loves” the way she thinks.

She has since become with her controversial positions the new Black right-wing darling of White conservatives, a scorn of liberals, and a contrarian to many Blacks.

Since her whirlwind Minnesota appearance, Owens’ has continued her tour in the spotlight from Israel to the White House. Same message as in Minneapolis.

“I should be a Democrat, but I am not a Democrat,” she boasted amidst loud cheers. “Racism hasn’t stopped me from being what I want to become.”

She decried Beyoncé and Jay-Z, CNN and the media, the Democratic Party, colleges and universities that don’t appear to allow conservatives to speak as freely as liberals do, and just about anything else that challenged her views. “I had girls come into my face shouting at me,” said Owens.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be among the 550 to hear Candace Owens in person, you can still see what all the buzz is about on American Experiment’s YouTube channel.