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Minnesota`s exports fall in second and third quarter

The Department of Economic Development has announced a 2.2% drop in Minnesota`s overall exports in 2019`s 3rd quarter. Exports rose 1% in first quarter but fell 4% in second quarter and 2.2% third quarter. This has been attributed to the uncertainty surrounding international trade policy. Q1 Minnesota experienced Growth in exports in Q1 which was led by growth in demand for medical, optical and machine products. Exports to Germany, Mexico and France grew the most, while those to Singapore and china dropped 29% and 13% respectively. [caption id="attachment_17278" align="alignnone" width="974"] Export Summary Q1[/caption] Q2 Total exports fell 4% In the second quarter with a fall...

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Despite Record Snow Duluth Ski Hill May Close Without Taxpayer Bailout

There's plenty of snow for skiing at Spirit Mountain following the nearly two feet of white stuff that fell a week ago in Duluth. Yet despite prime conditions, the city-operated ski resort faces the possibility of shutting down before the season has hardly gotten underway without an immediate infusion of $235,000 in taxpayer cash, according to KBJR-TV. Spirit Mountain representatives said without that extra funding, they would be able to make payroll one more time, but might have to close indefinitely. During a press conference at the ski hill on Friday, Spirit Mountain's executive director Brandy Ream said the city's tourism tax...

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Regulatory burden on Nonprofits is not the main issue with evaluating equity grants

Nonprofits working with DEED on equity programs have expressed dissatisfaction with DEED`s regulatory burden. Organizations like EMERGE have faced issues with government overreach, punitive oversight and inconsistent expectations of what their grants are supposed to achieve. In 2017 legislature approved funding for Equity programs, aimed to provide workforce programs for people of color, most of which was awarded directly by legislature. The rest was distributed by DEED through a series of competitive grants. Grantees have faced the majority of regulatory burden with accountability measures. Even though accountability measures present a hurdle, especially to small nonprofits, big organizations face no issues issue with...

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The worrisome trend of so many jobs requiring a four-year degree

A person’s ability to enter the workforce and access a successful career path should not be determined solely by the presence or lack of a four-year degree. Degree inflation is a barrier to employment, it disenfranchises qualified, middle-skill workers from communities of color, and it restricts employers’ access to a wider pool of talent. ...

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