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Minneapolis Property Owners Winning War With Tax Assessor

Homeowners' complaints over inflated property valuations by Minneapolis tax assessors have paid off for the vast majority who took on the city. Hundreds of residents have received write-downs after challenging the city's huge increases in their property assessments, according to the Star Tribune's numbers. City assessors and the board that handles appeals have spent the past month scrambling to respond to the 1,400 property owners who said the city tax assessor had bungled the valuation of their real estate. The board approved changes on 1,144 of those properties, or about 82 percent of official appeals, according to data released by the...

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Minimum wages – My life in fast food

My first minimum wage job in a pizza restaurant at the age of 16 taught me the most basic, important skill of all: getting my behind out of bed in the morning. And it showed me the freedom that came from earning my own money. These are things that you carry with you for the rest of your working life. By ignoring economics and passing harmful minimum wage hikes, we are denying these lessons to young, lower skilled workers....

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A $15ph minimum wage would hit St. Paul Parks and Rec hardest

There is a persistent notion among supporters of minimum wage hikes that they represent a ‘free lunch’. They argue that big businesses, awash with cash, are paying their workers less than a ‘living wage’. All a minimum wage hike will do, they say, is switch money from rich capitalists who already have enough to poor workers who don’t. We've seen, on the contrary, that it will be St. Paul's smaller businesses who will be most harmed. And now we see that the city government will get hit. Get ready for them to dig a little deeper into your pocket....

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Minnesota ranks 6th nationally for per capita state and local income taxes

It is no secret that Minnesota is one of the most highly taxed states in the union. We are one of the 43 states to have its own income tax, but the top rate—9.850 percent on incomes over $156,911—is higher than anywhere else apart from California, Maine, and Oregon. But it isn't just 'the rich' who are hit with these high rates. Minnesota’s lowest income tax rate of 5.35 percent is higher than the highest tax rate in 23 states. New data from the Tax Foundation shows how we compare nationally. In fiscal year 2015, our state ranked 6th nationwide for the amount of...

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New employment data shows that Minnesota has the second highest unemployment rate in the region

Today sees the release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of its estimates of Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment. These can be a useful way to compare economic performance. Minnesota’s economy differs from those of neighbors such as Iowa and North Dakota, even Wisconsin. As a result, comparisons of state level data are of limited use. This variation, while still present, is a little less pronounced between urban areas. So what did the BLS data show?...

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