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Florida Is Recruiting Minnesota’s Citizens

One of our friends who spends time in Florida received this invitation to a seminar on the advantages of Florida residency over Minnesota. Click to enlarge: A few points to note: * The event will take place in Naples, which has long been known as the Winter home of many Minnesotans. * The speaker will explain how to change one's legal residence from Minnesota to Florida. Many people have a choice as to what state they want to select as their residence for tax purposes. * Considerations to be discussed include income, estate and property taxes. Florida does not have an income tax, while...

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High-tax states should abandon misguided schemes and focus on lowering taxes

A recent New York Times story explains how liberals in high-tax states are plotting for ways around the new $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions that will mostly affect those with high incomes and luxurious homes.  But I don’t understand their concern since we have heard for years that the wealthy should be paying more in taxes, and many even proclaim they are happy to.  During the recent tax reform debate, one minute liberals complained about massive tax cuts for the rich, the next they groused about how the deductibility cap would hurt those with high-priced homes.  Not...

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Milton Friedman demolishes the federal jobs guarantee

You may have heard recently about the federal jobs guarantee. This policy proposes guaranteeing a job to anyone who wants one, at $15 an hour plus benefits, by the simple expedient of having the federal government offer a limitless amount of such jobs. Needless to say, this is an utterly dreadful policy. And it is not new. Back in 1978, the Humphrey–Hawkins Full Employment Act was passed. In August 1976, the economist Milton Friedman took aim at this proposed legislation in his column for Newsweek A centerpiece of the Democratic fall campaign is the “Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1976.” Support...

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Strib’s Sustainable Food Series Panned by Ag Experts

The Star Tribune recently featured a high-profile series on Minnesota's most important industry--agriculture. But right off the top the paper's coverage appeared to be driven largely by the tastes of organically inclined subscribers. Much of the food industry has rallied around the idea of “sustainability,” which in the most precise definition refers to the ability of a food system to last over time. But the word has become a broad banner for issues like animal welfare, soil management, fair farm wages or climate change. A blatant political agenda tainted "the future of food" coverage for some readers. Turning to a fringe group...

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Minnesota’s economic performance has room for improvement

Arguments that Minnesota's economy is bound to grow more slowly than the national average because of 'convergence' are based on outdated research and an overly simplified application of economic theory. There is no ‘magic bullet’ for economic growth and Minnesota’s economic performance is not “dismal’. But it could be better. And, with the economic advantages of a hardworking, highly educated workforce and a diverse economy, we should do better....

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