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Xcel Proposes $3B in Renewable Projects to Bolster Corporate Profits During Pandemic

Last week the Minneapolis Star-Tribune ran an article entitled "Xcel Proposes $3B in Renewable Projects to Bolster Economy Dogged by Pandemic." In the article, the author discusses Xcel's plan to spend billions of dollars on renewable energy projects. What is missing from the piece is Xcel's underlying motive for fast forwarding the projects, exploiting the high unemployment caused by the COVID-19 shutdown to increase their government-guaranteed corporate profits. There is No Free Market for Electricity in Minnesota One of the single-most important things conservatives need to know about Minnesota’s electric system is that there is no free market for electricity, and investor owned...

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MN border town losing business to WI over shutdown rules

  While Minnesota's bar and restaurant restrictions continue, Wisconsin has been open for weeks. Minnesotans have had enough and are crossing the border to get a taste of pre-COVID-19 life. Stillwater, Minnesota is just across the St. Croix River from Hudson, Wisconsin. In Hudson, good luck finding a dinner table without a reservation, you'll be waiting up to 2 hours. This is normally the busiest time of the year for Stillwater, but with hefty limitations on their bars and restaurants, fewer people visit the town. Joseph's Restaurant in Stillwater is right off of MN-36 that goes right into Wisconsin. Every day, they...

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