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Education needs a mantra for the New Year

There is a reason most people fail at keeping their New Year’s resolutions—breaking habits or creating new ones takes time and consistency. But when it comes to our public education system, time and consistency has only resulted in failure. It is time for the public school system to get a character assessment, a reset and it needs a "new year, new me" makeover....

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Teachers’ union supports bill allowing physical restraint of students

To help teachers when potentially violent situations arise, new legislation (LB 147) in Nebraska would allow educators to “use a reasonable amount of force to physically restrain students” if they become violent or disruptive. And the state's teachers' union supports it. A Minnesota bill proposed in 2016 would have automatically expelled a student who physically assaulted a teacher, but it died in committee after fierce opposition from Minnesota's teachers' union, Education Minnesota. Sixty-nine percent of Minnesotans have said they support a state law requiring expulsion for assaulting a teacher. ...

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Do open enrollment laws and charter schools ‘steal’ students from district schools?

The most vocal opponents of the school choice movement argue that charter schools and open enrollment laws are robbing traditional public schools of students. But according to Robert Wedl, former Minnesota commissioner of education and deputy commissioner, this accusation is misplaced because, well, school districts don’t have children to steal in the first place. ...

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Education reform pioneer shares her fight for school choice in latest memoir

Virginia Walden Ford, an education reform pioneer whose efforts helped bring school choice to our nation’s capital, recently released her new memoir, “School Choice: A Legacy to Keep.” The lessons Ford learned growing up during the civil rights movement set the stage for her work decades later to win a better future for children. Photo Source: Virginia Walden Ford...

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Teachers’ union calls charter school closings ‘racist’ but didn’t want them opened in the first place

When news broke on Monday that the Chicago Public Schools district was recommending the closure of two allegedly “poor” performing charter schools, the Chicago Teachers’ Union wasted no time condemning the proposal. But what's odd is that the teachers' union previously filed a lawsuit to prevent one of the charter schools from opening in the first place....

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